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November 19, 2018

Grocery Delivery with Prime Now

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When you’re traveling, sometimes you don’t have a car or don’t have time to grocery shop. An excellent way to save money, time and energy is to use a grocery delivery service. Grocery shopping isn’t my favorite hobby anyway, so I’m especially interested in skipping this while I’m on vacation. I also always want some basics and at the price I’m used to paying ($5 for a pack of water not 1 bottle). When you shop for your groceries this way, you can shop from the comfort of your beach chair or while you’re waiting to ride Flight of Passage and have water bottles back at your hotel waiting for you when you get there. You’re sold on this, right? Read on for the how-to.

My personal favorite grocery delivery service is Amazon Prime Now so that’s the one I’ll be explaining in this post. You can also use Shipt for delivery from stores like Publix and Target and there are also local small businesses that offer these services as well.

How to use Amazon Prime Now to have almost anything you could imagine needing delivered to you within a few hours

  1. Download the Prime Now app from the App Store
  2. Sign in using your Prime Account or sign up for one here:
  3. Type in the zip code of your hotel or home
  4. Place items in your cart from either Amazon or Whole Foods (can’t mix and match) that add up to at least $35 to get free delivery (you can add a tip but it’s not required)
  5. Pick out your delivery time – they offer 2 hour time slots from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  6. Enjoy your time with your family until your order comes!
  7. When your items are delivered, they’ll either be delivered to Bell Services at a hotel or to your door of your home. You should tip Bell Services, especially if they deliver to your hotel room. As of when I’m writing this I do not believe there are any additional delivery fees at Disney Resorts at least but check with your hotel.
  8. Enjoy your delivered items! Could be anything from veggie sushi from Whole Foods to an extra onesie from Amazon! Also, more practically, could be snacks and water for your Park Days or Beach Days!

I personally pretty much exclusively grocery shop this way now! I do occasionally go to the store just to grab something quickly or pick my own produce. And we still love the Farmer’s Market. Overall, it’s so much easier to place items in my virtual cart as I remember them, click check out when I’m ready and bring them in from my front door. Driving 30+ minutes in a car with a child who doesn’t like the car, buckling, unbuckling, trying to settle a bored baby or chase a toddler and hope we don’t break anything and ultimately buying things I don’t need and forgetting what I went to the store for anyway – I’ll pass! Grocery Delivery may very well be a mom’s best friend! What do you think?

Hope this helps you have a magical vacation!
XO Jess

Kacey 16:14 November 19, 2018 Reply
Sounds like Prime Now could come in handy when going to Walt Disney World! Will have to look more into this when I visit WDW!
Amelia 16:25 November 19, 2018 Reply
This is a great feature I’ll have to try. So far I’ve been only done order ahead and curb delivery options
Zoro 17:51 November 19, 2018 Reply
Heyo I'm here to try and win the amazon gift card so I can buy presents for my family
Caitie 18:11 November 19, 2018 Reply
Wow! What a great idea for vacations. Never thought to do this but DEFINITELY will keep in it mind during my next trip.
Kelly 23:50 November 19, 2018 Reply
I LOVE this travel hack!!
Maggi G. 22:17 November 20, 2018 Reply
Looking into getting prime & this makes it even more tempting!!
Sydney 11:42 November 22, 2018 Reply
I want to try this so bad!!
Dhanush 23:10 November 22, 2018 Reply
Clarissa 01:13 November 24, 2018 Reply
I seriously never thought about this!! What a great idea!
Hannah 09:21 November 24, 2018 Reply
This sounds great! I do well grocery shopping but it’s just me and my husband. When I have kids I’ll be looking for delivery service and amazon looks great!
Paige 13:24 November 24, 2018 Reply
Thanks for the step by step! I am going to have to try this during the holidays!
Kristy 22:05 November 25, 2018 Reply
Love Prime. I already buy everything on Amazon so it’s great I can get groceries too.

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