protect yourself while traveling
January 12, 2019

Protect Yourself While Traveling

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon products.  If you click on these, it will cost you nothing but will help me with the cost of replacing my stolen iPhone! 🙂

Okay, we’ve all been warned to be careful when traveling. And if you say you are traveling to Italy, you will be warned of pick pocketers.  And they are right! The pick pocketers are professionals.  It’s very calculated and if they see an opportunity to take it, they will.

The good news: violent crime is pretty unlikely. We felt safe physically most of the time.  We were told to avoid “down by the River in Rome” by an American living in Rome.  We looked down there from above and that seems like really solid advice.  We did a walking tour in Rome at night and didn’t feel physically uncomfortable once.

The bad news: our “stuff” rarely felt safe. We felt like we were standing in a yard of dogs with the only bone when we had our stuff with us.  We were targeted and they did pick pocket my phone on a bus in Rome.  After that, there were several times, especially in the Naples train station and on the Circumvesuviana in the Naples/Sorrento area, that we strongly believe we were not victims again only because we were so on guard.

There was a moment I was literally yelling “no!” very loudly at someone who came up from me and surprised me asking me for directions.  Sorry, sir! But I was on high alert, and for good reason.

We took a bus in Rome and they stole the phone right out of my pocket.  Watch the video below for more information on exactly how that played out and some of my advice because of it.

Also, learn from my mistake and learn how to protect your “stuff” like your wallet, passports, money and phones.  Here are some really good products that will help you save thousands of dollars, all for $10-15. I’d say that’s worth it!

We did one thing right.  We had our money including cash and cards and Passports all in an amazing travel wallet.  This can be worn around the neck over or under clothing.  No, it’s not super fashionable.  Yes, it will 100% be worth protecting the most valuable things you are carrying. If you only buy one travel thing, make it this. Travel wallet:

A case like this $10 Minnie phone case with strap could have saved me so much money and hassle! I HIGHLY recommend you get this or something like it! (They have Mickey too!)
Minnie: Mickey:

Also, if you’re looking to keep your camera and gear secure, we used a Vinta travel photography backpack.  It zips in the back making it nearly impossible to get into.  When we were traveling with all of our luggage, we used a small suitcase lock on the zipper just for an added layer of protection. Backpack: Suitcase locks:

We also had Tiles in our travel wallet and camera backpack, just as kind of a last effort.  This would likely only help if it was lost and not stolen.  We appreciated the extra peace of mind though and use these in diaper bags, strollers, etc. daily even when not traveling.

Hope this helps you have a magical adventure! – Jess


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