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As a professional photographer and blogger, I share our family friendly adventures and my journey as a mother here.

I also offer professional photography in the Central Florida area and am available for travel.

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Newborn Session, In Home Lifestyle

One of the last things the mom in this session said to me was "I've never been so relaxed during a photo session!" Can you imagine?! A mom of a preschooler, toddler and newborn said she was relaxed at all, let alone while doing family photos! But this is really...

30 minutes in July: An Evening at the Beach

I recently joined a group of photographers who share 30 minutes of their ordinary life through their lens. Each month we share a little slice of our life with you as we see it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm taking enough photos. Or perhaps too many. But a dedicated time...

Turning TWO at the Grand Floridian

I had the honor of meeting this sweet family of three with little George turning TWO at the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World. George happens to have the sweetest eyes and smile, as you'll see here. And he's a lucky little man with parents who love him very much!...

My favorite tips for traveling with young children

I traveled solo in my 20s.  When I became a mom, travel just became more fun as I saw the world through my daughter’s eyes.  With a little extra planning, you can have amazing family friendly adventures!

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Our adventures include traveling locally and internationally, #familyfriendlyadventures, plant based eating and natural parenting and a splash of Disney!