Moving.  Moving has so many emotions attached to it.  It’s almost always bittersweet as you close one door and open another, literally.  You are moving from one place where you grew your families’ memories to a place where many new memories’ will be built.

For this move, we also get to learn from the knowledge of my husband.  He is a builder.  So our daughter gets to follow along and learn as he checks our house to make sure everything in the process is running smoothly. This month, our 30 minutes in our ordinary life was spent doing just that: our daughter exploring our new home under the supervision of my husband.  They did some quality assurance checks, checking to make sure everything looks up to standards.

Here she is checking out the upstairs with the loft and bedrooms. Yes, she’s in her ballet outfit because we came from ballet but can’t forget boots and a hard hat for safety!

She’s excited and everything looks good!  She’s planning where all of her castles are going…

Next on to check out the downstairs with the kitchen and the tile. And of course, a snack break!

Everything looks good, Dad! High five!

What tips do you have for moving with a little one? We will be moving into this house in just about a month and will be posting about our move daily over on Instagram – we’d love to have you follow along!

All photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV and Sigma 35 mm Art lens, edited in Lightroom.

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