The Kilimanjaro Safari has always been one of my favorite things to do at Animal Kingdom. We used to go come to Walt Disney World for vacation and now that we live here, it still remains one of my favorite things to do at all of the parks. No two safari rides are ever the same. You often see different animals, they grow and change, they sometimes are closer or more active. It’s a joy to see every time!

Now that we live about 20 minutes from Animal Kingdom, taking a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safari is one of my favorite ways to spend a half hour. The ride is about 20-30 minutes, depending on if there are any surprises like a giraffe-ic jam! It’s such a calm, peaceful experience. When my daughter was younger, she always fell asleep by the end. I hope you enjoy seeing these 30 minutes in our daily life and be sure to go check out the next 30 minutes blog at the end, as this is a photography loop blog.



The hippopotamuses are one of my animals to see.  When I was nursing my daughter, a mother hippo was also nursing her baby. The Safari driver told us that while the hippopotamus is a generally a peaceful herbivore, she will do anything to protect her baby, which is very relatable to this plant-based mama!


Giraffe in the way of Safari truck

This is what they call a giraffe-ic jam! The giraffes often hold up the truck while they cross the path.  I think they enjoy doing this as I see it often, and it’s one of our favorite parts too.




Another animal I always look forward to seeing is the elephant.  Mother elephants are also very nurturing and protective and elephants spend about 12-18 hours a day eating grass, plants and fruits (which sounds fantastic, minus the grass part haha). Asian elephants are categorized as Endangered and African elephants are categorized as Vulnerable due to hunting elephants for their tusks which have no practical use to humans. I hope that we continue to strongly advocate for these beauties so they can continue to live safely in their natural habitats.

I love all of these images, the way they showcase the animals and we get to see a little glimpse of them living their daily life as well.  I hope you enjoyed seeing something we love to do with 30 minutes in our life and I will see you next month to share another 30 minutes!

Some technical information about this photography: This session was taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV and a 70-200 2.8 IS II lens.  Photos were edited in Lightoom, adjusting for warmth to give that African glow feeling and to highlight the details in the animals. It is a bumpy truck ride, making it difficult to get some images. However, I am pleased with the clarity I got.

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Tell me in the comments, which is your favorite photo or animal on Safari?

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