My name is Jess. I have been an artist my whole life and have been pursing my passion of photography since high school. I took classes in photography for several years, including for a summer semester in Italy all while studying art history in the art capital of the world – the dream! Now, I am living in Florida with my husband, two-year-old daughter and our two dogs. We live just a few minutes away from Walt Disney World so we frequently spend time there.

I absolutely love bringing my passion for photography to turn your adventures into art. Whether you’re looking for child or family sessions or looking for a video session for your family or brand, I am here to help! Email me today so we can set up a way to turn your everyday or big adventures into art.

I also write and share about all of my favorite things including being a mom, photography, Disney and traveling.  We are an all plant based family so we also share regularly about what we eat, hoping to inspire others to share in our love for plant based food.

Some of my biggest loves in life are:

1. My daughter, my Rainbow Baby. My journey to having a baby was a long and difficult one and I cherish every moment together.
2. Coffee. I MUST have a latte every morning. It’s life!
3. Babywearing has been a lifesaver for me. It’s helped me keep up my lifestyle with baby in tow and I’m so thankful to have found carriers that worked for me.
4. My friends and family (including my dogs) and all of their support! Can’t imagine life any other way.
5. Social media. I love social media and being able to stay connected to long-time friends, make new ones and support other people.

The video below is of my daughter, Elodie, and me around her first birthday at one of my favorite places: the beach!