At all 4 Parks at Walt Disney World, there is a designated space to help you care for your little ones amidst the fun, heat and crowds of the Parks.  If you’ve traveled with a little one, you’ll know that a place that you can change a diaper and let your toddler roam around have a snack in the air conditioning is invaluable.  So you definitely want to know all the details including where to find these spaces, so keep reading…

All of the Baby Care Centers offer the same things:

A safe place to feed your baby or toddler: a (usually private or semi-private) place to breastfeed, warm a bottle or feed solid foods (high chairs and small seats)
An escape: they are all air conditioned and give you a place to escape the heat or weather. They often have a little room to roam around as well as a place to watch a movie and just get some down time if needed
A place for diaper changing: which is usually a much cleaner, safer and easier place to change a diaper than the bathrooms alone offer
An easy way to purchase forgotten items: Did baby have a blow out or you lost the puffs somewhere between your hotel and the Magic Kingdom? All of the Baby Care Centers have onesies, bibs, sippy cups and bottles, diaper and wipe packs and baby and toddler appropriate food and drinks available for sale.
At Magic Kingdom, the Baby Care Center is located directly between Casey’s Corner and Crystal Palace. This is probably one of the more busy Baby Care Centers because Magic Kingdom has a lot to offer little ones and is a must do if you only get one day at WDW with a little one. The nursing room here is, in my opinion, a little awkward. It has just enough room for 6 grandparent-type plush rocking chairs and has a dim lamp. All the chairs can face away from each other. If you can’t nurse in public (ex. distracted eater), are uncomfortable nursing in public or need to pump, this is an excellent option. However, dads aren’t welcome and it would be hard to bring another child in so it definitely has its limits of being helpful.

At Animal Kingdom, the Baby Care Center is located between Pizzafari and the bridge to Africa. There is plenty of space in this Center for young kids and toddlers to run around and the nursing rooms are private so that Dad or other kids can join in this one. There aren’t a lot of places for kids to be kids in the AC or shade in Animal Kingdom, so this is a great option if you get stuck in a Florida summer storm.

At Hollywood Studios, the Baby Care Center is located near the entrance in the same building as Guest Relations. This is a perfect place to watch a movie and get a snack for a toddler.

At Epcot, the Baby Care Center is located in a place that you may not walk by otherwise – when you’re walking from Showcase Plaza toward Mexico there’s a path on the left that will lead you directly there. Like the others, this one offers a clean and comfortable place to take a break and there is a private nursing room.

If you’re having difficulty finding any of them, they are all next to First Aid Centers. You can ask any Cast Member for directions or search “Baby Care” on the My Disney Experience App and find locations that way! Have you been to the Baby Care Centers? What did you think? Let us know!

Hope this helps you have a magical time with your little one! – Jess


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