For our two family vacations in 2015 and 2016 (when we were foster parents) and since my daughter was born in 2017, we have been babywearing at Walt Disney World. A few months ago, we were stopped at Peter Pan’s Flight when we were in our Tula and told we could not have our 1.5 year old in the Tula baby carrier. We asked to speak to a manager and were told it was the policy that babywearing was not allowed.

Honestly, I was shocked. In 4 years and probably a thousand times riding rides while babywearing with the understanding that the policy was that we could babywear on any ride any ride without a height restriction, I expected the manager to say that the cast member was mistaken and we would be able to proceed. But the manager stated firmly it was the policy for several years.

After emailing Guest Services asking for an official policy and receiving an even more confusing answer at first, I spoke with a gentleman on the phone who the confirmed their policy by email:

The new policy is that generally, “boat rides” like Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World you can use “forward facing” carriers on the front. On all rides with a lap bar, the child must be sitting facing forward not in a carrier. I was told that Cast Members may have additional discretion at the rides and accommodations may be made for special needs, but this is not clear.

As far as I know, there is no official policy stated anywhere and when I’ve been by myself since then I haven’t been asked to take my daughter out of the carrier. We cannot use a forward facing carrier due to her age/size and do not actually even own one.

Have you experienced this babywearing policy at Walt Disney World? I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts below.