Maybe you’ve heard… Disney PhotoPass introduced a new PhotoPass session as of February 10, 2020.  These “Capture Your Moment” PhotoPass sessions are times you get with a dedicated PhotoPass photographer.  Read on for all of the details including what is included, how much these cost and some tips on making your experience the most magical!

*Note: The first seven photos in this post have been edited with my preset which you can get for free by signing up for my newsletter. To see photos as delivered by PhotoPass, see the end of this post.

What You Get and Pricing

For the 20 minute session you pay $50 or for 40 minutes you pay $100. There are no set amount of photos guaranteed. If you do not have Memory Maker or an Annual Pass that includes PhotoPass photos, then you will need to purchase the photos separately. Use of special props provided by Disney is included. Some of these props are not available at any other PhotoPass location.

Extra Details

Disney recommends that you check in 10 minutes prior at Town Square Theater. Once you meet with your photographers, they will explain the process and walk to your preferred location. Your time starts as soon as they take your first “good” picture not when you check in or start walking. Disney is providing some props or you may bring your own so long as they fit within park guidelines. Clothing also must abide by park rules for example no wedding attire is allowed for these sessions.  Over the phone I was told anyone over 18 must have photo ID and proper admission tickets; however, they did not check our IDs. Your session can include up to 8 people. There are no changes due to weather changes unless Disney makes the change due to extreme weather.  So if it’s raining, which it’s known to do here in Florida, the session will continue so be sure to make the best of your rainy day session with an umbrella or poncho! 

Locations and Props

When we met with the photographer, we were given options of several areas around Main Street and Cinderella Castle.  We asked for a location where you could see the castle and less crowded.  A spot to the left of Cinderella Castle was recommended and I was happy with it.  You can have your pick of locations though! Some props are available such as a special “&” sign with a not-so-hidden Mickey, a pair of ears that say “Future Mouseketeer Fall 2020,” some magnetic letters and more. You may also choose to add your own props. Some ideas would be your own letter board or wooden sign, balloons from home or from Disney, a stuffed animal side kick or some treats like a Mickey bar or cupcake.

When and How to Book

To book, you call Disney reservation line at 407-939-7758. You can book up to 180 days in advance. Times available are generally from 9:15 AM to 7:45 PM on the :15 and :45 of the hour. So, for example, you can pick 12:15 or 12:45. If the park is open later, they may have later times available so you’ll need to inquire about exact times when you call to book. When you book, full payment is due that day and Disney’s 24 hour cancellation policy applies where you can receive a refund so long as you cancel 24 hours prior to your reservation. 

My Personal Review

When we arrived, our PhotoPass photographers were extremely nice and professional. It was very nice to have two photographers, one acting as an assistant. One was helping with props and trying to get our daughter to look toward the camera. The other was actually taking the photos.  We had two amazing photographers: Ricky and Chase. We have had Disney PhotoPass photos taken by both Ricky and Chase previously.  Both are very talented and kind and actually two sets of my favorite photos ever taken by PhotoPass were by them so I do believe that Disney chose some excellent photographers for this program. They helped us choose a location and happily walked us to the location and were great with my daughter.

We chose this as a way to celebrate my birthday. As a photographer, I have many photos of my family but I’m rarely in them outside of Disney PhotoPass photos so it was nice to be able to celebrate in this way.

Our photos were, in my experience, typical of the better PhotoPass photos I receive. As a professional photographer, I can tell you the quality is good and you can definitely print these even at a pretty large size.  You could use a preset to brighten them and get the colors a little more to your style and that would perhaps make them even more to most people’s liking. For more tips on editing, find my post on using Lightroom Mobile here.

Is it worth it? Only you will be able to determine if this will be worth it for you.  We saw a gender reveal being done on Main Street at the exact same time and it was done very well and I am confident it was captured well. I once waited for 30 minutes for a photo on front of the castle and it was completely blown out and unusable so PhotoPass in general is not a guarantee whereas with this session there is a higher standard and more time.  Using Capture the Moment, you will get the time and attention of a highly qualified photographer with no waiting and they will make sure the photos are of good quality before you walk away. If you do not want to wait in a line and you want to make an announcement at Walt Disney World, I believe you would love this experience. For less than $1 per photo, we got a fun and unique experience that we enjoyed!

Tips on Making the Most out of Your Experience

I recommend arriving early to ensure that you are in the right location. Getting to Magic Kingdom almost always takes longer than expected and it can take time to even get around Magic Kingdom and I wouldn’t want to miss any time for being late. It is also a good idea to have a general idea of which location you would like. I also recommend bringing along some props to make your session extra magical!

We chose to have our session at 5:15 PM which is within the golden hour – the hour before sunset. A time a little closer to sunset may have provided a better sky although photos also may have been even darker. For best lighting, photos will always be optimal the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. If you would like nighttime photos, they do offer after sunset photos as well. PhotoPass photographers use on camera flash.

The Future of PhotoPass Capture Your Moment

I went to experience these PhotoPass sessions on their very first day available so they may implement changes or improvements over time. For now, these sessions are only located at Magic Kingdom.  Although unofficial, I was told that there are plans that Disney will offer them in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios possibly as early as mid year 2020 and then offer them in Epcot 2025 after construction in Epcot has concluded.

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Examples of Unedited Photos Provided by PhotoPass

I received 66 photos during my 20 minutes. These are some the images I received in MyDisney Experience PhotoPass photos from my Capture Your Moment session so that you can see what was provided. These are all unedited, not even cropped, posted as I received them.

I would love to hear your opinion.  What do you think of this Capture Your Moment session? Are you planning on booking one for yourself or your family?