Escape Game Orlando

Escape Game Orlando

Have you been to an escape game? We went to our first one last weekend!

I’ve been wanting to try an Escape Game but we hadn’t tried it because we didn’t know how it would go with a toddler. Luckily we were invited by The Escape Room Orlando – thank you for having us!

The game itself was immersive, with plenty of interactive clues, critical thinking, and yes, a little math. Our team was able to cooperate, communicate, and pool our skills to solve the elaborate puzzle while taking time to appreciate and enjoy the fine details the Escape Game has challenged you with. This experience is a MUST for any lover of adventures, puzzles, and fun with family and friends.

The Escape Game is geared toward older children (age 13 and up) and adults but children of all ages are welcome. I had asked a few questions about bringing a toddler before going and here are the answers to those questions.

Will it be too scary for a toddler or young child? Spoiler alert: it’s not very scary and you aren’t really “trapped.” You can get out at any time and although it’s timed and slightly suspenseful, it is not scary!

Will the room be okay for a toddler? There were small stairs and even a small tunnel in our room and also some pretend animals. My daughter at almost 2 was able to navigate all of this safely and happily. She was hopping like a frog and loved going up and down the stairs.

Will it be too much or too little activity for a toddler? I found the energy of the room to be just the right amount. Because you’re solving clues and there’s room to explore, it was just the right amount of activity for my daughter.

Orland Escape Room Review Family Fun

Three tips for going to an Escape Room with a baby or toddler:

1. Consider bringing a baby carrier. As you probably know by now, we love babywearing in our family. Our daughter started out the game in a baby carrier which gave us some time to listen to the instructions. Also would give a younger child a calm, safe place to snuggle or nap if needed.

2. Have a designated person to be the point person or designate duties. If there’s one thing for sure about babies and toddlers, they’ll always need something! Whether it’s a snack or a break or a diaper change, they will be sure to ask for something. I suggest picking a person in the group to be the point person if the child needs something to alleviate any stress of making the decision in the middle of the game.

3. Prepare to have fun! It may look a little different (as life and travel with a young child does) but we had a lot of fun solving the puzzle and playing along with our daughter at the same time!

If you are looking for a fun and family friendly activity that promotes communication and cooperation, definitely check out The Escape Game Orlando. 

We escaped… Can you?!

Orland Escape Room Review Family Fun