Can’t Miss Quick Food in Disney Springs

Can’t Miss Quick Food in Disney Springs

When you’re in Disney Springs and looking for something quick to eat, there are a few spots that you definitely shouldn’t miss! We eat plant based and so these are all plant based and have gluten free options although every single one is a great, can’t miss spot everyone will enjoy!

Blaze Pizza

Our family loves Blaze Pizza! Here you can order your pizza fully customized and there are a variety of crusts, vegan toppings and vegetables to choose from making this a great spot to please everyone in your party.

The regular crust is vegan and the gluten free crust is also vegan. (The keto and cauliflower crusts are not vegan.) They also offer vegan cheese and vegan chorizo. A variety of vegetable toppings including everything from standards like basil and spinach to more unique like kalamata olive and pineapple are all available to help you customize your pizzas. We prefer our pizza to be like a salad on a crust but you could even just get a plain cheese pizza or anything in between!

If you have allergies, be sure to mention this at the beginning of your order. You can request a glove change, fresh cutter and ingredients to be pulled from the bottom, fresh, if this helps you eat safely.

Blaze Pizza offers indoor and outdoor seating

Two vegan pizzas and an Erin McKenna’s donut

De-Luxe Burger

De-Luxe Burger is a quick service restaurant that serves burgers and fries.  The exciting news is that they have a plant based burger as is on the menu! The even more exciting news is that if you’re vegan and gluten free, you can get this meal vegan and gluten free, including a gluten free vegan bun! Just always ask when ordering, especially if you have any allergies.

They were very accommodating for me.  I believe this is made with the Beyond Burger which isn’t my absolute favorite burger (I prefer the Impossible burger and the Beyond sausage) so the chef helped me out by adding some extra BBQ cooked right on.  The ketchup, curry ketchup and BBQ are all vegan and gluten free as well. You can add or subtract any toppings you’d like to make it perfectly the way you like it!

Burgers and fries – all plant based with gluten free optional bun

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Erin McKenna’s absolutely has my heart!  This all vegan and gluten free, allergy-friendly bakery is exactly what vegan and gluten free dreams are made of.  If you’re looking for something sweet, or even savory, you’re sure to find it here.  I think the key to enjoying Erin McKenna’s the most is knowing what to order.  Some of their items are better than others, and it usually has a lot to do with how they retain their moistness even though being gluten free.

My favorites, in no particular order, are:

Everything Bagel – It’s not exactly what you’d expect from a regular everything bagel, it’s a little more dense, but also carries a nice flavor and texture.  I take this home, toast it nice and warm and load it up with tofu and avocado – the best way in my opinion!

Chocolate Raspberry Teacake – this alway stays nice and moist and is definitely a solid option if you’re a chocolate lover like I am!

Brownies and Brownie Cupcakes – I love the way the brownies taste here and they’re even good with icing if you’re in the mood for that!

Seasonal Treats – being vegan and gluten free can mean having a hard time finding seasonal treats so I always try to try the new treats.  Pictured here is a fall treat but I also enjoy the holiday gingerbread and thin mints!

This was a fall treat with caramel

A variety of daily offerings

The “Bakery Sink” is a great way to try some treats!


Although there isn’t currently a vegan and gluten free option at Sprinkles, there is a Vegan Red Velvet cupcake that is delicious here! Be sure to sign up for the Sprinkles Club through their website to get this cupcake for free on your birthday!

What’s your favorite plant based treat to eat in Disney Springs? Tell me in the comments below.

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Review of Plant Based Meal at Toledo in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Review of Plant Based Meal at Toledo in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

We are a plant based family and we decided to go check out the new plant based “seafood” options at a new restaurant, Toledo, at Walt Disney World. In this post, you’ll find out what we ate and what we thought of the atmosphere, experience and food offered at Toledo.

Toledo is a restaurant in the new Gran Destino Tower of the Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

View of the Gran Destino Tower

Gran Destino Tower

Recently, Walt Disney World started offering a significant amount of new plant based options and labeling them more clearly, as well as providing a guide for plant based eating across the resort. This means that it is now, more than ever, easier to eat a plant based diet while visiting the most magical place on Earth!

For reference, my husband used to love seafood before switching to a plant based diet. One of his favorite foods of all time was calamari. I never liked seafood and can’t stand anything “fishy” tasting. So we have a wide palette range for this review.

Walking into the Gran Destino Tower lobby is an experience of its own. The lobby is absolutely stunning. There details are astounding. The pristine environment with intricate lighting and a mix of sophisticated old world with new technology couldn’t be more perfect. I highly recommend taking a walk through the lobby and around the resort. It’s simply beautiful. On the rooftop, you’ll have an amazing view. You can check out the rooftop lounge, have some drinks or just peek in for the view. You can also ask for a window table at Toledo.

Lights in Gran Destino Lobby

Unique Lighting in the Lobby

Beautiful, Intricate Lights

View from Coronado Springs Destino Tower

View from the Rooftop Lounge of Gran Destino Tower

Toledo is a Spanish tapas style restaurant focused on small dishes, many of them seafood based. The restaurant itself is very elegant and beautiful with stunning views. From the host to our waitress to our chef, every interaction was exactly the friendly experience I’ve come to know and love from Disney restaurants. The views and experience are similar to the California Grill at the Contemporary, which is another favorite for us.

View at Dinner Toledo

Sunset View at Toledo

Our Table at Toledo by the Window

All of the food we ate was plant based. We chose two small plate starters, two entrees, a kid’s meal and a dessert to split. The olives, one of the entrees and dessert were all also gluten free, or gluten friendly as Disney refers to it.

Pan con Tomate (Tomato Bread). This was a table favorite. My daughter wouldn’t stop eating it. The tomato is flavorfully salty but not too salty. The bread, served separately and toasty warm, was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Crushed Tomato topping and bread

Pan con Tomate

Aceintunas (Marinated Olives). Olives are one of my favorites and this is the only plant based and gluten free appetizer. The olives are served warm and are perfectly seasoned. This is definitely a plate to share as eating this many olives by yourself would be a challenge, but maybe one you would happily accept with how tasty they are!



Plant Based “Seafood.” The plant based seafood definitely appears like real seafood and has some of the same texture you’d expect out of seafood, but does not have the “fishy” flavor. It tastes fresh and flavorful like well seasoned and well prepared vegetables presented in a beautiful and unique way. The platter included mushroom “scallops”, fried mushroom “calamari,” jackfruit and heart of palm “crab cake,” mushroom “ceviche,” citrus-infused couscous and a splash of sauce. This was my husband’s dish and he said the crab cake was his favorite part but he really enjoyed the entire dish.

Plant Based Seafood Plate

Plant Based “Seafood,” Gluten Free. This was very similar to above but some of the items were substituted for gluten free options. This dish included a few more traditional-looking vegetables but they were still very fresh and flavorful. The platter included mushroom “scallops”, mushroom “ceviche,” cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and a splash of sauce. Although the vegetables tasted great on their own, I think I would ask for more sauce in the future as sauce makes a dish for me.

Plant Based Seafood Plate Gluten Free

Kid’s Meal. They offer a kid’s hummus option. They added a few vegetables, cauliflower and potatoes, based on her favorites. We asked for rice but the rice contains meat. This simple option was fine for us as our daughter tends to like simple but really the pan con tomato was her favorite part of the meal.

Kid’s Meal

Chocolate Avocado Mousse. I was hesitant to order this, which has a little back story. When I was pregnant, my husband tried to make me avocado brownies from Pinterest that “you’ll never know there’s avocado.” It was one of the worst Pinterest fails and I KNEW there was avocado and it was horrible! So this was my first try at anything avocado dessert since then. And I can tell you with this one, I actually didn’t know! It was very smooth and creamy and chocolatey tasting. There was also some fruit and a few small wafers that taste kind of like meringue cookies. I really enjoyed this dessert although I would have been happy to have a larger portion of chocolate mousse on it.

Acocado Mousse Dessert with a view of Disney property

Avocado Mousse Dessert

Food Allergies
I do have several food sensitivities and avoid gluten for medical reasons, so I did request to speak to a chef. The Chef was polite, helpful and did a great job helping me find something safe for me to eat. I wish I could order right off of a menu easily (but I can only do this at fully vegan restaurants who also clearly mark gluten free items), so when a chef is warm and makes me feel good about the experience, I really appreciate it. All of the food also arrived with the “allergy” marker on it. Our waitress was great about ensuring my food was safe and that I was happy with it as well. The chefs and staff at Disney restaurants almost always are like this, but we definitely had a good food allergy experience at Toledo.

What do you think? Would you like to go to Toledo? Would you try the plant based seafood dish? Let me know in the comments here! 

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The Scoop on Ice Cream at Erin Mckenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs

The Scoop on Ice Cream at Erin Mckenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs

Earlier this month Erin Mckenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs started serving vegan ice cream again just in time for these hot summer months. And it tastes like Disney magic!

Erin Mckenna’s Bakery is an all vegan, gluten free, soy free and kosher bakery based out of New York City with a location in Disney Springs. This is a hot spot for those eating a plant based diet and also for families that have food allergies. They offer a variety of bakery items such as coffee cakes, tea cakes (the raspberry chocolate is amazing), cupcakes, brownies, bagels, eclairs and more.

Recently, they started offering hand scooped ice cream.  It is perfectly creamy and delicious! I have tried the vanilla with salted caramel in a cup and the ice cream cookie sandwich with both vanilla and chocolate ice creams.  My favorite so far has been the vanilla ice cream cookie sandwich. The ice cream with salted caramel topping was also really flavorful and creamy.

When I used to go to Disney World with my family as a child, my mom and I would eat a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich together on Main Street from the Main Street Ice Cream Shop. It’s a special memory enjoying a special treat by the castle with family. This ice cream sandwich tasted just like my childhood memory of ice cream sandwiches on Main Street.  Let’s hope they start offering this option in more locations like inside the parks! (Fingers crossed.)

Here’s the “scoop” on their current ice cream situation as this is written on June 15, 2019:

  • The ice cream is hand-scooped and coconut based (ingredient list for vanilla below)
  • You can get scooped ice cream in Small, Medium or Large cups
  • They have toppings available to make it a sundae
  • Both chocolate and vanilla flavors are currently available
  • They do sell out occasionally, so it may be best to check before going
  • Pricing list in photos below

I hope you’re able to try this “nice cream” and love it as much as I do!

And then be sure to enjoy your time at Disney Springs as well. Disney Springs is an outdoor shopping mall where it’s free to go and free to park! There are many restaurants and fun shops to check out. There is often live entertainment, usually in the evenings. You’ll even find some fun photo opportunities here!

Lastly, a couple money saving tips: 1. A cup and a cookie or brownie bite ordered separately would be less expensive than a cookie sandwich. 2. If you’re a Disney Annual Passholder, remember to ask for your discount!

Erin Mckenna's vegan ice cream Disney Springs

Vanilla Ice Cream with Salted Caramel Topping

Erin Mckenna's vegan ice cream Disney Springs

Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Erin Mckenna's vegan ice cream Disney Springs

Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Erin Mckenna's vegan ice cream Disney Springs

Cup Sizes Offered

Erin Mckenna's vegan ice cream Disney Springs

Erin McKenna’s Pricing Menu

Erin Mckenna's vegan ice cream Disney Springs

Ingredients List for Ice Cream

Eating Vegan at Pizza Press in Horizon West

Eating Vegan at Pizza Press in Horizon West

I was invited to enjoy some craft pizza at Pizza Press in Horizon West (Winter Garden, FL). I would love to share with you a little more about their vegan and gluten free options as well give you some tips for visiting The Pizza Press.

The Pizza Press offers two vegan crusts – the regular crust and the gluten free crust. They also have a vegetarian cauliflower crust (which contains mozzarella cheese). You can “Publish Your Own Pizza” with marinara sauce, vegan cheese and a variety of toppings such as spinach, Kalamata olives, pineapple and more. There’s also a finishing area which includes options like basil, arugula, Balsamic glaze and Sriracha.

Some tips for eating at Pizza Press:
1. Take your time. This is a “craft pizza” and craft beer experience. You can pick your own toppings and watch your pizza bake. Then when you’re all done making your pizza, you can sit inside or outside and enjoy time with your family! This is a perfect opportunity to let time slow down and enjoy time with family and friends.

2. Enjoy the specials. The Pizza Press Winter Garden / Horizon West will have some specials going on like Buy One Get One or a free beer for Dad on Father’s Day! To stay up to date on their specials, follow them on social media here: Facebook & Instagram or mention that you learned about these specials from The Art of Adventures!

Pizza Press Coupon Horizon West

3. Enjoy the outdoor area and live music. A perfect family date night, pizza and live music with room for the kids to be kids outside!

Check out this video on YouTube of me publishing my very own vegan and gluten free pizza here:

Review of Ohana Breakfast – Vegan, Gluten Free, Food Allergies

Review of Ohana Breakfast – Vegan, Gluten Free, Food Allergies

Ohana is a restaurant that offers a Character Breakfast and a themed dinner. It is located in the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World.

The Polynesian is my favorite resort. The smells, the lush landscaping and excellent theming in addition to its close proximity to Magic Kingdom make it an excellent resort to stay at or to visit.

Tiki in the Lobby at the Polynesian Walt Disney World

Lobby of the Polynesian

When we arrived at the Polynesian for Ohana breakfast, we checked in about 20 minutes early. Check in is located near the restaurant on the 2nd floor usually by the stairs and elevator. During our wait, we met Pluto all dressed for the occasion!

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Pluto Outside Ohana at the Polynesian

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Elodie Loves Meeting Pluto

We received text notification that our table was ready right around our reservation time. For allergies, the cast member does not stop and get the coconut bread when seating you. They walk you through the back of the restaurant directly to your table. If you have dined at Walt Disney World previously, you will know that waiting for an allergy chef can sometimes be a long wait. We were pleasantly surprised that Chef Josh not only arrived immediately to our table but also was knowledgeable about their vegan offering and food allergies. He stated that the vegan offering was also all gluten free and was no/low oil (if you have allergies or concerns always consult with a cast member or chef.)

The first course was a fruit plate.

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Fruit Plate at Ohana Breakfast

Next they brought us an Erin McKenna’s cinnamon donut and coffee (Silk soy, almond or rice milk were offered.)

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Erin McKenna’s Donut at Ohana Breakfast

The main course was a vegan skillet that included Just Egg scramble, Beyond sausage, seasoned potato wedges, as well Mickey and stitch waffles with 100% maple syrup. Yes, this whole skillet is 100% plant based, vegan, gluten free!

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Vegan and Gluten Free Breakfast Skillet

I personally like my savory breakfast to have a little more flavor punch and fresh vegetables, however the flavor and content are very consistent with the traditionally offered breakfast here. The Just Egg scramble had a very good consistency and texture. The Beyond sausage always has a great flavor on its own. The potato wedges were well seasoned and cooked. The Mickey and Stitch waffles were done to perfection.  Mickey waffles are always one of my favorite Disney treats!

During our time there we were able to meet with Stitch, Lilo, and Mickey. All three were amazing and friendly. Lilo was really our family’s highlight as she had seen that our daughter was upset and cured the toddler woes by playing peekaboo. The characters also did a dance line where all three friends danced with musical instruments around the restaurant, perfect for the older kids.

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Mickey at Ohana Breakfast

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Stitch at Ohana Breakfast

Ohana Breakfast Vegan Gluten Free

Lilo at Ohana Breakfast

Overall I believe this was an excellent character dining experience for a family who eats vegan or has food allergies. The resort is breathtaking, the character experience was excellent, and the food option is prompt and offered a perfect selection for everyone in our party. Even (omnivore) Grandma and our toddler were happy! If you haven’t been to the Polynesian before, be sure to build in some time to walk around this beautiful resort to see the beach with a view of Cinderella’s castle

Beach at the Polynesian Walt Disney World

Beach at the Polynesian

Vegan Gluten Free Disney World Breakfast Ohana

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