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The very first time I ever handed a baby a pouch, the mushy contents literally hit my ceiling! Baby was sitting in the high chair and he squeezed the pouch (which seems like a natural thing to do) and up went all the contents like a volcano of sweet potato in my dining room. I don’t even have to explain to you how not fun that was to clean up. Shortly after that I discovered ChooMee pouch toppers and I have never looked back! ChooMee pouch toppers can be placed on any pouch – store bought or reusable / homemade. They essentially moderate the flow to the point where the child has to suck to get the contents and it prevents it from spewing literally everywhere like all over your house, baby and your clothing. So this very quickly became a must have baby product for me. I’ve also been told by speech therapists that they like these because it helps develop the appropriate muscles for eating and speaking. I’m not a medical professional but as a mom this makes sense to me – the baby/toddler has to work a little harder to get the food so it develops the muscles. But it must be just the right amount of required effort because every child I’ve seen use them can also get the food out easily.

Beyond the obvious cleanliness, ease and possible muscle benefit, I also just love these because they make traveling with kids so much easier. Using a pouch to feed a baby or toddler on the go is just so easy and less of a choking hazard. Adding the pouch topper equals keeping the outfit and face clean on the go which means less laundry and we are better suited for pictures — those are all wins for me!

And one more positive for me: this is baby led weaning friendly in my opinion. We followed the babyled weaning guidelines and so we offered solid foods immediately when we started offering foods (Elodie’s first food was pancakes and her second was pizza). When we did introduce puréed food/smoothies, this gave her the opportunity to eat them independently (and cleanly). Again, win-win!

Hope this helps make your travel with a baby or a toddler easier!