Thank you so much to my friend, Tonya at Detail Oriented Traveler and the Moonlight Players Theatre in Clermont for inviting me to their show, It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play.  

I know what you may be thinking, a radio style show of an old movie – sounds kinda, dare we say, maybe, boring? I had high hopes for this show and 100% trusted my fellow blogging friend, Tonya, when she said the show would be wonderful.  But I could completely understand how others may look at this show and wonder – will I like it?

Well, let me tell you what I thought.  I LOVED this show.  I’ve attended all kinds of shows from high school productions to Broadway.  Having grown up an hour between New York City and Philadelphia and now living only minutes away from Walt Disney World, I definitely have been to my fair share of extremely high quality shows and also small productions.  This show was probably my favorite community theater production I’ve seen. 

The Radio style show has several actors performing a live radio show of the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. The actors are dressed the part of living in the early 1900s but the scenery is minimalistic, as though you were in the radio studio. 

So how did the Moonlight Players Theatre make this production stand out? Well, first, having the radio style show stripped down some of the distractions for me.  I was able to just stay engaged in the actual story and the emotion.  I loved this aspect. Additionally, the actors really did a fantastic job and that made it even more engaging.  Many of the actors are seasoned and work for major entertainment locations like Disney.  Even the actor who was acting for the first time really hit it out of the park. You could feel all of their emotions, picture what they described and even hear (and see!) the audio effects.  The audio effects are done by Sarah Louise Harris who studied audio design professionally in college. She designed and produced all of the props needed for the sounds herself!

Community theater is something really important to support, and the Moonlight Players Theatre gives us plenty of reasons to support them.  All of the details of the performance, feeling like you are transported to a different time and place and the incredible overall feeling you will leave with all make this a theater you will not regret checking out! 

This production will run from December 7-16, 2018 and you can find more details including about purchasing tickets here on their Facebook page