When I first saw that JORD made the most beautiful watch with Rose Gold and Koa wood, I absolutely loved it and knew that I wanted one to match my style!

JORD Koa Wood Rose Gold Watch JORD Koa Wood Rose Gold Watch

My husband grew up in Hawaii and the wedding ring I got for him is made of Koa wood. Koa is a wood revered for its integrity and strength, making it an excellent wood gift for a marriage or anniversary. Rose Gold is the color of my wedding ring and it represents love. So truly, this watch is the perfect, meaningful gift for a loved one!

JORD Koa Wood Rose Gold Watch

JORD also has many other beautiful keepsake timepieces as well as Apple Watch bands. The company is based in St. Louis where they are constantly developing new designs that you’ll love. One of the things I love about this company is that their watches are a sophisticated mix of natural and largely reclaimed materials, combined with quality movements and components. So you can feel good about your purchase knowing you’re supporting a great company and getting a quality item.

What I love about this watch:

  • I love to have standout accessories I can wear daily that are eye-catching and unique! This watch is definitely a beautiful watch that gets noticed!
  • Compared to other wood watches, this wood watch stands out due to its high quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and adaptable style. You can wear this watch with anything and it stands out!
  • The watch is beautiful. The color, the intricate detail, the wood, everything about this watch is gorgeous!
  • The self- winding feature is beautiful, mesmerizing and calming. It’s definitely one of my favorite features!

JORD Koa Wood Rose Gold Watch

I bet you have some questions now, specifically if you’re looking to give this as a gift.
Here are some commonly asked questions and the answers to them:

Can this watch be engraved? Most watch back plates can be engraved! All Cedar Humidor boxes are can be engraved as well!
Does the watch come fitted? The watches can be sized for the recipient.
Are the watches customizable? Most watches have additional options for customization – mixing and matching faces and woods!
Is there a warranty? Every watch comes with a one year warranty.
How much is shipping? Shipping is FREE, worldwide!

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JORD Koa Wood Rose Gold Watch

I just want to say thank you to JORD for collaborating with me on this post, for sending me such a beautiful watch and hosting this giveaway! I’m so excited to wear this watch and have it be a part of my everyday wear!

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