My name is Jess. I absolutely love to travel and always have. After having my daughter, I realized that travel is quite different and requires a little extra planning and deliberation in comparison to before kids. I’m here to share more about what I’ve learned along the way about traveling with little kids. Here’s a little more about me personally.

Some of my biggest passions are:

My family and friends




Being ecologically responsible whenever possible & eating plant-based

(Not necessarily in that order but these really are my favorite things)

Some of my favorite things to do at Disney are watch the Happily Ever After Fireworks show, meet Mickey and Minnie with Elodie (you should see her light up!) and go on the Safari ride. I also love Mickey pretzels and the plant-based brat at Magic Kingdom! So good!

My favorite travel destination has always been Italy: the food, the café, the romance, the art, the history – I’m just in love with it all!

Elodie LOVES exploring and running around. Anything in the water like swimming and water tables are always a hit. She loves walking around in nature and at Disney. She says, “Disah” and glows when she is on her favorite rides like Winnie the Pooh and Little Mermaid. Her favorite thing to do at Disney is meet the characters. She also, like a very stereotypical toddler, has started to love (vegan) mac and cheez and dislike green foods.

Elodie and I look forward to getting to know you too! Say “hi”to us on social media or if you see us at Disney! We are very friendly and may even have a surprise for you! 💕✨