We are a plant based family and we decided to go check out the new plant based “seafood” options at a new restaurant, Toledo, at Walt Disney World. In this post, you’ll find out what we ate and what we thought of the atmosphere, experience and food offered at Toledo.

Toledo is a restaurant in the new Gran Destino Tower of the Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

View of the Gran Destino Tower

Gran Destino Tower

Recently, Walt Disney World started offering a significant amount of new plant based options and labeling them more clearly, as well as providing a guide for plant based eating across the resort. This means that it is now, more than ever, easier to eat a plant based diet while visiting the most magical place on Earth!

For reference, my husband used to love seafood before switching to a plant based diet. One of his favorite foods of all time was calamari. I never liked seafood and can’t stand anything “fishy” tasting. So we have a wide palette range for this review.

Walking into the Gran Destino Tower lobby is an experience of its own. The lobby is absolutely stunning. There details are astounding. The pristine environment with intricate lighting and a mix of sophisticated old world with new technology couldn’t be more perfect. I highly recommend taking a walk through the lobby and around the resort. It’s simply beautiful. On the rooftop, you’ll have an amazing view. You can check out the rooftop lounge, have some drinks or just peek in for the view. You can also ask for a window table at Toledo.

Lights in Gran Destino Lobby

Unique Lighting in the Lobby

Beautiful, Intricate Lights

View from Coronado Springs Destino Tower

View from the Rooftop Lounge of Gran Destino Tower

Toledo is a Spanish tapas style restaurant focused on small dishes, many of them seafood based. The restaurant itself is very elegant and beautiful with stunning views. From the host to our waitress to our chef, every interaction was exactly the friendly experience I’ve come to know and love from Disney restaurants. The views and experience are similar to the California Grill at the Contemporary, which is another favorite for us.

View at Dinner Toledo

Sunset View at Toledo

Our Table at Toledo by the Window

All of the food we ate was plant based. We chose two small plate starters, two entrees, a kid’s meal and a dessert to split. The olives, one of the entrees and dessert were all also gluten free, or gluten friendly as Disney refers to it.

Pan con Tomate (Tomato Bread). This was a table favorite. My daughter wouldn’t stop eating it. The tomato is flavorfully salty but not too salty. The bread, served separately and toasty warm, was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Crushed Tomato topping and bread

Pan con Tomate

Aceintunas (Marinated Olives). Olives are one of my favorites and this is the only plant based and gluten free appetizer. The olives are served warm and are perfectly seasoned. This is definitely a plate to share as eating this many olives by yourself would be a challenge, but maybe one you would happily accept with how tasty they are!



Plant Based “Seafood.” The plant based seafood definitely appears like real seafood and has some of the same texture you’d expect out of seafood, but does not have the “fishy” flavor. It tastes fresh and flavorful like well seasoned and well prepared vegetables presented in a beautiful and unique way. The platter included mushroom “scallops”, fried mushroom “calamari,” jackfruit and heart of palm “crab cake,” mushroom “ceviche,” citrus-infused couscous and a splash of sauce. This was my husband’s dish and he said the crab cake was his favorite part but he really enjoyed the entire dish.

Plant Based Seafood Plate

Plant Based “Seafood,” Gluten Free. This was very similar to above but some of the items were substituted for gluten free options. This dish included a few more traditional-looking vegetables but they were still very fresh and flavorful. The platter included mushroom “scallops”, mushroom “ceviche,” cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and a splash of sauce. Although the vegetables tasted great on their own, I think I would ask for more sauce in the future as sauce makes a dish for me.

Plant Based Seafood Plate Gluten Free

Kid’s Meal. They offer a kid’s hummus option. They added a few vegetables, cauliflower and potatoes, based on her favorites. We asked for rice but the rice contains meat. This simple option was fine for us as our daughter tends to like simple but really the pan con tomato was her favorite part of the meal.

Kid’s Meal

Chocolate Avocado Mousse. I was hesitant to order this, which has a little back story. When I was pregnant, my husband tried to make me avocado brownies from Pinterest that “you’ll never know there’s avocado.” It was one of the worst Pinterest fails and I KNEW there was avocado and it was horrible! So this was my first try at anything avocado dessert since then. And I can tell you with this one, I actually didn’t know! It was very smooth and creamy and chocolatey tasting. There was also some fruit and a few small wafers that taste kind of like meringue cookies. I really enjoyed this dessert although I would have been happy to have a larger portion of chocolate mousse on it.

Acocado Mousse Dessert with a view of Disney property

Avocado Mousse Dessert

Food Allergies
I do have several food sensitivities and avoid gluten for medical reasons, so I did request to speak to a chef. The Chef was polite, helpful and did a great job helping me find something safe for me to eat. I wish I could order right off of a menu easily (but I can only do this at fully vegan restaurants who also clearly mark gluten free items), so when a chef is warm and makes me feel good about the experience, I really appreciate it. All of the food also arrived with the “allergy” marker on it. Our waitress was great about ensuring my food was safe and that I was happy with it as well. The chefs and staff at Disney restaurants almost always are like this, but we definitely had a good food allergy experience at Toledo.

What do you think? Would you like to go to Toledo? Would you try the plant based seafood dish? Let me know in the comments here! 

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