Babies can go on *almost* all the rides at Walt Disney World.  According to Disney’s policy, babies can go on any ride without a height restriction (think roller coasters and the Speedway for the height restricted rides). This means that the majority of rides at Walt Disney World can be ridden together as a family if you choose.  But that doesn’t mean that you’ll love all of them for your young children.  Here are some factors to think about: Are there any drops that might startle your little one?  What about noise or 4D effects like water splashing?  Will it be bumpy or too long? There are a lot of factors so here are some of my thoughts on the rides that will help you determine what will work for your family.

Some general tips for riding with younger children:

  • Do a little research about which rides you may want to do at each park and try to get FastPasses for them or even better the rides you’ll do without the kids such as the roller coasters. You can YouTube search any ride and see what they’re like if you still have any questions about if it will work for you after reading this post.
  • If you don’t have a FastPass and you want to ride a ride without baby, you can do Rider Switch. From Disney: Rider Switch Info from WDW
  • You can baby wear on any ride without a height restriction and you can read more about that on this post: Babywearing at Disney
  • Take breaks.  Baby Care Centers are a great place to take a break!
  • As always, stay flexible and know you may get less “done” but the memories will be priceless!

Discovery Island

It’s Tough to Be a Bug – This is a short 3D show with special effects that requires wearing 3D glasses to be able to see the show properly.  There are also special effects like things coming out from the ceiling (and spoiler alert: “bugs crawl” underneath you at the end).  It’s a cute show in the AC with usually a short wait so it may be a good one for your family.  If you’re short on time or can’t stand creepy crawlies, consider skipping this one.

Meet Russel and Dug – This is an outdoor Meet and Greet with Russel and Dug with photos.

Adventurers Outpost – This is an indoor Meet and Greet with Mickey and Minnie together (rare opportunity to be able to get Mickey and Minnie in the same photo) in their Safari outfits.  In Christmas season though, they wear their holiday outfits. If you love Mickey and Minnie, this is a can’t miss!

Dinoland USA

Dinosaur – Must be 40 inches – This is a scary thrill ride, simply put.  It can be loud, fast and definitely scary (dinosaur pops out, dinosaur eating another dinosaur), so this ride is definitely for the more adventurous thrill seekers and dinosaur lovers!

Primeval Whirl – Must be 48 inches – This ride is a fast spinning roller coaster.  It can be a little jerky but otherwise is a fun ride for more adventurous kids.

The Boneyard – a play area that’s enclosed.  It’s mostly geared toward older children but younger children can run around in there a little too.

Triceratops Spin – a ride that could be compared to Dumbo – it spins around while going up and down.  These rides are usually a favorite amongst toddlers and preschoolers, Elodie included!

Finding Nemo the Musical – This is a longer show that is a musical based on the story of Finding Nemo.  I personally love the songs of this show and so does Elodie but this is definitely a show that some people love and others do not so you’ll have to watch for yourself to make the decision.  It can be a little loud at parts and there are some special effects like bubbles and stars of the show walking through the seating area.  I do not recommend sitting in the back as it’s hard to see and hear and can make the show feel much more disconnected and less enjoyable.


Expedition Everest – Must be 44 inches – This is one of my favorite rides! It’s a full rollercoaster with higher speeds and big drops so is for the roller coaster lovers! It is a smooth ride and there are some excellent views of the parks from the top.

Rivers of Light – a nighttime show with music and light. The show can be a little slow and the “story” can be a little hard to follow making it more enjoyable for adults but many kids do seem to enjoy the music and colors as well.  Elodie has always sat through it and seemed to enjoy it.

Maharajah Jungle Trek – a walking trail where you can see some animals – a favorite stroller nap strolling location!

Kali River Rapids – Must be 38 inches – a “you will get wet” tubing rollercoaster ride definitely for those who enjoy thrill rides and want to cool off by getting wet.

UP! A Great Bird Adventure  – a seated show with stadium style seating where you can see some exotic birds on the stage along with Russel and Dug.  A very cute show overall, we all enjoyed as a family.


Kilimanjaro Safaris – Another one of my favorite rides ever, possibly my favorite.  You can see animals like lions and elephants while going on Safari through Africa.  You can get amazing views and your Safari guide will teach you a lot about the animals.  This can be pretty bumpy. I rode it while I was pregnant regularly and now Elodie loves it waving at the animals and then often ends up falling asleep by the end.

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail – another walking trail where you can see animals and exotic birds and another perfect stroller nap strolling location!

Festival of the Lion King – a Broadway style show that is done so well with singing, dancing and even acrobatics and flame throwing! Truly a spectacular show but it is a little loud and a little long making this one harder to see with a toddler.

Pandora: The World of Avatar

Avatar Flight of Passage – Must be 44 inches – I’ve heard many people exclaim that this ride was worth the 2 hour wait because it was that amazing. It’s a really beautiful ride. You sit on a scooter type bike and are pressed forward (so I chose not to ride while pregnant) but I can imagine that this also may be a little off-putting to younger children or those who have claustrophobia. The 3D (must wear 3D glasses) scenes of Pandora are truly breathtaking and it really is a spectacular ride overall.

Na’Vi River Ride – This is a slow ride that is a boat ride along the Na’Vi River.  Visually stunning and paired with beautiful music, this ride is really perfect for the whole family as it is gentle and not too loud overall.

There are a few other Meet and Greets throughout Animal Kingdom like Meeting Pocohontas and the Wilderness Explorer program that are all worth checking out too!

Elodie is currently one year old and here are her most and least favorites:

Elodie’s Top 5 Favorite Things to Do in Animal Kingdom

  1. Kiliminjaro Safari
  2. Walking around Pandora
  3. Na’Vi River Ride
  4. Meet Mickey and Minnie at Adventurers Outpost
  5. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Elodie’s 5 Least Things to Do in Epcot

  1. Wait while I ride Expedition Everest
  2. The noise of The Festival of the Lion King
  3. Saying goodbye to the characters
    I could only come up with 3! She really loves Animal Kingdom!

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