Babies can go on *almost* all the rides at Walt Disney World.  According to Disney’s policy, babies can go on any ride without a height restriction (think roller coasters and the Soarin’ for the height restricted rides).  This means that the majority of rides at Walt Disney World can be ridden together as a family if you choose.  But that doesn’t mean that you’ll love all of them for your young children.  Here are some factors to think about: Are there any drops that might startle your little one?  What about noise or 4D effects like water splashing?  Will it be bumpy or too long? There are a lot of factors so here are some of my thoughts on the rides that will help you determine what will work for your family.

Some general tips for riding with younger children:

  • Do a little research about which rides you may want to do at each park and try to get FastPasses for them or even better the rides you’ll do without the kids such as the roller coasters. You can YouTube search any ride and see what they’re like if you still have any questions about if it will work for you after reading this post.
  • If you don’t have a FastPass and you want to ride a ride without baby, you can do Rider Switch. From Disney: Rider Switch Info from WDW
  • You can baby wear on any ride without a height restriction and you can read more about that on this post: Babywearing at Disney
  • Take breaks.  Baby Care Centers are a great place to take a break!
  • As always, stay flexible and know you may get less “done” but the memories will be priceless!

Here is a list of the rides and shows at Walt Disney World’s Epcot and some things to consider when taking your family.

Future World

Spaceship Earth – Sadly, this ride is set to close for an extended period of time soon. It was a great ride for young children and I can’t wait to see what they do with it when it’s reopen.

Epcot Character Spot – On one side you can meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy in a row and the other side you can meet Joy and Sadness and Baymax separately.


Meeting Joy and Sadness in Epcot

Meeting Joy and Sadness in Epcot

The Seas with Nemo and Friends – This is a slow ride through the story of Finding Nemo including being able to see the aquarium you can explore after exiting the ride.  We love this ride overall but the acoustics of it makes one part toward the end very loud sometimes so definitely something to consider if you have a noise sensitive child.

Turtle Talk with Crush – This is a sit down show where children can sit at the front and speak directly with Crush through the “aquarium” screen.  This is a fun, interactive show.  For some reason, this one is hard for Elodie, the waiting in the beginning paired with having to sit through a show makes it too hard at her current toddler age but she enjoyed it a lot when she was younger and I think she will love it when she’s a little older and can sit on her own in the front.

Living with the Land – This is a slow boat ride through a story about growing food and goes inside and through the greenhouses.  Quiet and easy often with low wait times, this is a nice relaxing ride for the whole family and can be a perfect spot for breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a nap!

Soarin’ – Must be 40 inches – This ride takes you high off the ground in a simulated glider that really makes you feel immersed into the experience.  While the height off the ground may be a concern for some, otherwise this is a gentle and enjoyable ride making it perfect for more adventurous younger ones.

Journey into Imagination with Figment – This is a story ride through the imagination with the classic figure Figment. It can be a little loud and at one point when “testing all the senses” can be a little overwhelming for Elodie, it’s a generally easy and nice ride for the whole family.

Pixar Film Festival – A 3D interactive show, requires 3D glasses to see properly and also has special effects like your seat actually getting rumbled and more.  I do think of this as one of the most underrated WDW attractions.  I love it and it’s generally a great, cool show for the whole family. At Elodie’s toddler age, it can be hard for her to sit through the whole show but she hasn’t been scared of the special effects.  The short films that are featured change but are often the favorites you’ve seen before your favorite Pixar movies like La Luna (such a cute movie!!).

Chase Card Character Meet – If you have a Disney Visa card or a Chase Disney Debit card, you can meet a few of the characters in this quiet, short wait location.  Last time we were there, they had Minnie and Pluto!

Test Track – Must be 40 inches – A roller coaster that tests the speed, brakes and more on a car you “design.”   This ride can have sudden stops and goes up to mph so this one is definitely for roller coaster and thrill ride lovers.

Mission: SPACE: Must be 40 inches – This ride has you go through space and achieve weightlessness.  This ride can be intense so I would recommend only doing this if you enjoy thrill rides and have a strong stomach! I’ve seen many people getting sick on this one.  There are two choices and the Green is a little less intense because there is no G Force side effects if you want to give it a try but aren’t sure if you can handle the intensity.  There is a play set at the end of this ride so the little ones can play while others ride.

World Showcase

O Canada! – A standing 360 movie narrated by Martin Short of Canadian sights and culture.  I find these standing movies difficult with little ones because they cannot really run around which means you are holding them and standing for 14 minutes.  The movie is cute and funny if you have the time and energy to hold the little one!

Impressions de France – An 18 minute seated show on France and French culture.

The American Adventure – a 30 minute seated show on American history.  My mom loves the singing in this one! If your little one can sit through the show, this is a perfect spot to cool down and enjoy some down time.

Reflections of China – A standing 360 movie, similar to O’Canada above but about China.

Frozen Ever After – This ride includes a short backwards drop followed by a forward drop, both which I would compare to Pirate’s of the Caribbean.  You may get wet (once I got soaked!). It can be a little loud in a few spots but features almost the entire cast including Olaf, Anna and Elsa making this a favorite for many younger children.

Meet Anna and Elsa: You can meet Anna and Elsa and get pictures with the sisters in Norway.

Meeting Anna and Elsa in Epcot

Meeting Anna and Elsa in Epcot

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros – A slow boat ride through Mexico – this is one of my favorites.  Usually a short wait, this comfortable and cool ride is perfect for little ones.  Great for babies with no drops and not very loud, you could easily have baby rest or eat on this ride.

Several princesses meet throughout the World Showcase including Snow White in Germany, Aurora and Belle in France, Jasmine in Morocco and Mulan in China.  Check with a cast member for locations and times.  There are also several water play areas, a play set in the exit area of Mission: SPACE and also rotating play sets during the festivals adding some additional play areas great for little ones!

Elodie is currently one year old and here are her most and least favorites:

Elodie’s Top 5 Favorite Things to Do in Epcot

  1. Meeting Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at the Character Spot
  2. Frozen Ever After
  3. Meeting Anna and Elsa
  4. The jumping water fountains
  5. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Elodie’s 5 Least Things to Do in Epcot

  1. Turtle Talk with Crush
  2. The standing shows like O Canada!
  3. Sitting still for the Pixar Film Festival
  4. Waiting while Mom rides Soarin’
  5. Saying goodbye to the characters

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