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You never know how much time you’ll spend thinking about diapers until you become a mom.  What’s the price? How are they for the environment? Will it be uncomfortable for my baby? And well, that’s the top priority, right?  There are few things that matter more than our babies’ comfort – but also they need to be easily accessible and budget friendly. They get bonus points for being cute and plant-based*!

Imagine a soft, plant-based* diaper that is also absorbent and comfortable. Oh and you can pick them up quickly at your neighborhood Walmart at a great, everyday low price?

Winter Garden Central Florida Photographer Blogger
Huggies® Special Delivery™ diapers have it all!

Winter Garden Central Florida Photographer Blogger

Huggies® Special Delivery™ diapers are:

Soft. In fact, they are Huggies®’ softest diaper ever. We can tell our little girl likes the skin comfort more than the other brands we have tried in the past. You’ll need to try them for yourself but they are as soft as the softest baby blankets we have.

Plant-based*. They are free of parabens, fragrance, and elemental-chlorine.
Absorbent and comfortable. These diapers keep your baby’s skin protected and comfortable and last up to 12 hours. Dermatologist tested, they have no harsh ingredients.

Cute. Huggies® Special Delivery™ diapers are unique because not only do they check off all the boxes that are important to us, they also come in a variety of stylish designs.

Easy. The wetness indicator is a quick and easy way to tell that it’s time for a new Huggies® Special Delivery™ diaper, but combined with all of the other qualities, it also makes it an easy diaper for my family to choose. You can easily find them in your local Walmart in the Huggies® Special Delivery™ end-aisle display, or click here to shop for Huggies® Special Delivery™ at

Huggies Special Delivery Diapers

*23% by weight