Thank you to The Venardos Circus for hosting my family for this fun, local circus!

The Venardos Circus is an animal-free, Broadway-style circus. That’s right, composed of all people, you’ll find some singing, some jokes and a lot of very talented people in this show. If you love watching shows that showcase talent, you’ll love this show! It’s a family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy. There’s an inspirational part to their story, about following your dreams.  I loved that part. You can feel the passion and drive that the performers put into this show and that makes it even more special.

They started with one small tent and a big dream and now they have turned this international circus performance into a year long tour! Y

The Venardos Circus happens to be in Winter Garden / Horizon West right now until November 24, 2019. The tent is located on the corner of Hamlin Groves Trail and New Independence Parkway.  We hope they will return to this area again next year so be sure to tell them how much you enjoyed their show.

The Ring Master Who Shared His Dream with Us

A few tips to help you have the best experience:

1. Arrive early for the pre-show.  The pre-show starts an hour before the show officially starts. Kids can go up on the stage and play with scarves and interact with the performers.  This was my daughter’s favorite part so I wouldn’t miss it! Also, it gives you the opportunity to get better seats.

2. Prepare for the weather and bugs.  On the night we went it was a little warm and I did see one mosquito. You may want to have bug spray. If you have a very young one, consider a stroller fan and/or layers. Although it’s in a tent, it’s like being outside.

3. The seats are not tiered so it may be harder for younger children to see if sitting in their own seat.  A closer seat, an end seat or sitting on a parent’s lap may help.

Pre-Show Party on the Stage

A Family Circus – Including Families Performing Together

And don’t forget the snacks… We had some lemonade and it was delicious!

Also, did you know that ALL of the snacks are plant based / vegan?  That’s right! The popcorn, cotton candy, pretzels and even the cheese are all vegan. This circus is both fun and compassionate and I couldn’t love that more!

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Have you been to The Venardos Circus? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments here.