“The best camera is the one you have with you.”

This is the reason a majority of our daily adventures are captured with an iPhone. It’s rarely practical to carry around a camera all day. But I do regularly bring my camera with me, especially for short adventures.

Today, I brought my professional camera to Animal Kingdom and was able to capture some of these special memories of my daughter in high quality images. I love the way I’m able to capture more of what I see and feel when I bring out my camera.

Elodie did amazing today. She sat through a long design appointment and barely complained at all. So we wanted to give her lots of space to play and run around while also having some fun family time. She had a magical evening playing throughout Animal Kingdom. And I was able to find a good amount of time to play along and some time to capture the moment through photography as well.

If you have a camera, how do you find the balance between capturing your family’s memories and carrying around equipment? Leave a comment here letting me know.

Animal Kingdom Photography

Misty puddle jumping

Animal Kingdom Photography

Misty Dancing

Animal Kingdom Photography

Gorilla Falls Waterfall Dancing

Squirrel Safari

She remembered Pocahontas giving her a leaf here and found one and did some leaf dancing herself

Animal Kingdom Photography

Pandora Waterfall

Adventurers Outpost

Kissing Mickey

Animal Kingdom Photography

Disney Animal Wall

Animal Kingdom Photography

You Are The Most Beautiful